Proof of Heroes

This is my entry for the Monster Hunter Movie-inspired art competition by Talenthouse. I had high hopes for this piece, but it didn’t get selected. Oh well. You can check out the winning entries here.

“Proof of Heroes” with movie title and teaser video tagline

I wanted this poster to be reminiscent of the original video game box art, of which we see the very first hunter confronting Rathalos. But since this is a movie, I incorporated head shots of Artemis and “The Hunter”, including the other monsters we see from the trailer. I also want the composition to tell a story.

The image is framed by a suggestion of a portal to the location where we see the bone remains of Dah’ren Mohran. I predict that Gore Magala has something to do with the portal, therefore the lightning behind him (hinting his unretracted feelers) connects to the monolith at the bottom 🙂

I also have a step-by-step walkthrough by layers uploaded to an album here.

“Proof of Heroes” raw art.

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